Managing stress

Leading staff wellbeing video

This 26 minute video on leading staff wellbeing takes you through the key steps you should cover if you want to cut through the noise and know where to start and what to focus on for greatest impact.

The video covers:

What we mean by staff wellbeingThe major causes of poor staff wellbeingWhy you should improve …

Avoid thinking traps and improve staff wellbeing

One way of improving staff wellbeing is to help staff help themselves. With many members of your team working from home, this is also an opportunity for them to learn new techniques, up-skill and avoid thinking traps.

Introducing them to thinking traps and how they might avoid leading themselves in unhelpful ways could provide useful …

Managing stress and building resilience

Pressure is something you will experience and not all stress can be avoided. It’s healthy to tackle situations that you know need to be addressed. There are effective ways of managing stress and building resilience. This article shares one approach.

The first step is to identify your stressors, though this isn’t necessarily as easy as …

13 tips to transform your energy at school and home

You might need to transform your energy if you feel:

Your workload is too heavy or you have too much to doChallenged by the number of priorities you faceLow on energy

If so, then these tips are for you.

Matching your energy demand with supply

It’s important you are able to match your ener
gy to the demands of …

The difference between pressure and stress

There is a difference between pressure and stress. Pressure can be positive and a motivating factor and is often essential in helping you to carry out your job, particularly when something needs to be done quickly. It can help you to work at your best, achieve your goals and perform better. 

Stress occurs when this …

Improve staff wellbeing by managing thinking


Can you improve staff wellbeing by managing your thinking?

Creating a culture where staff thrive and can do their best work and where staff wellbeing is just part of what happens every day is important and the right place to start. Role modelling and re-enforcing the right leadership behaviours and having effective systems that support …