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Staff wellbeing and people strategy make teachers feel fulfilled at their job.

School staff lifecycle. How to recruit and retain the best teachers and school staff?

Whenever your current employee or a prospective teacher interact with your school, they experience a ‘moment of truth’. In other words, your future school staff either think “I want to be a part of it”, or “I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole”. 

How these ‘moments of truth’ are handled will determine how well …

Leadership behaviours at your school. Providing the best employee experience

There is a competitive, moral and financial imperative for schools and MATs to build a culture where staff really matter. 

At the centre of this needs to be a fundamental shift in your leadership behaviours, namely twelve leadership competencies that will affect the experience of every staff member at your school. These competencies are sometimes …

School Staff Wellbeing Policy - Free Draft

School Staff Wellbeing Policy – Free Draft

At Welbee, we support schools and Trusts to measure and improve staff wellbeing, collect honest feedback and take actions that make the biggest impact.

This draft policy has been produced to support schools who want to use the management standards approach to risk assessing workplace stress and improving staff wellbeing. It also fits with the …