Happy staff,

inspiring results

At Welbee, we help leaders improve the school culture by building the right foundations and putting their staff first.

  • This means they understand the pressures staff face
  • Create the environment where staff do their best work
  • And see a positive change in student outcomes

What is Welbee?

You can share details of what is included with decision makers at your school by downloading a short pdf. Please use the button below. 

Two tip sheets for remote working

Below are two tips sheets we produced for the last lockdown and they are still valid. You may have already learnt many of these and they may be useful as a reminder or checklist.

Book a demo

If you would like to see how Welbee will help your school systemise how it improves staff wellbeing using an evidence based approach you can book a demo. The button will take you to a page where you can book a time that suits you. Hope to see you there.

Get in touch at support@welbee.co.uk

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