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Keep Voice (Pro) with enhanced features

Staff who believe they are heard are more engaged and effective. However, many staff also find it difficult to raise concerns openly and in particular where it relates to their wellbeing or mental health.


Welbee Voice enables you to receive honest feedback from your staff. It’s entirely anonymous. Keep Voice Pro with our enhanced features (see below) for one low annual price depending on school size.


Up to 500 pupils or students £100 + VAT

500 to 1000 pupils or students £150 + VAT

More than 1000 pupils or students £200 + VAT

welbee dashboard
welbee dashboard

A quick overview of how Voice works


The benefits of Voice Pro:

  • A simple, easy to use, secure and largely automated way of openly talking with staff
  • Add multiple users so members of your leadership team can login and have full use or view your account
  • Allocate staff to more than one group, making it really easy to get the feedback you need
  • All staff responses are stored securely in one place, with an option for you to reply, address concerns, ask follow-up questions or thank them for ideas
  • No limit to the number of conversations you can run. Invite all staff or specific groups, allowing you to consult effectively, ask for relevant feedback about concerns, follow up on actions you take, as well as seeking more general feedback.
  • Demonstrate you understand and respond to the pressures your staff face, including during school inspection


To see how Welbee would use your data review our privacy policy and T&Cs

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