Could Welbee help you? 

In your school Welbee can help you to:

  • Better understand the impact that Covid-19 has had on the working environment for your staff
  • Improve long-term staff retention, job satisfaction and engagement
  • Reduce staff absences and the need for cover
  • Raise student outcomes
  • Demonstrate to inspectors and governors you understand and manage the pressures your staff face
  • Save money - a typical school could save between £20,000 and over £100,000 annually*

*Dependent on school size, current performance and average spend on staff cover and recruitment. This figure is based on average figures published by the DfE and ASCL and small schools may save less. This does not include the additional non-financial costs of poor wellbeing caused by things like internal cover, staff working when ill and lower staff engagement.

Now is the right time for action

After such a long time away from school, now is the time to really understand how all staff are feeling. Sign up for Welbee to help systematically improve your work environment, staff wellbeing and reduce staff stress.

Get Welbee for your school and benefit from:

An evidence-based staff survey 
(The Health and Safety Executive's Indicator Tool)

  • Significantly enhanced reporting framework, all built with the support and feedback from a guidance panel of cross phase and sector schools and our customers.
  • Filters, benchmarks, strengths and areas for focus.
  • Recommended actions based on your scores (our guidance panel made it clear that we had to deliver more than analysis and make it easier to take action).
  • Staff comments that you can respond to anonymously to provide greater engagement, insight and support and ensuring you are able to target this to individuals.
  • The only administration needed is to upload your staff records and allocate users and after that it is all automated or at the push of a button.
  • All reported into an easy to use online dashboard that means it is easy to understand, take action and allows you to continue to measure and track progress against future surveys.

Voice Pro for collecting feedback

  • A two-way anonymous feedback tool that enables you to continue to seek feedback from your staff on specific topics. 
  • Multi-user access and the opportunity to set up school groups, which allows you to support specific teams or roles.

A toolkit of resources, training and support

  • A draft staff wellbeing policy for you to use and adapt as needed.
  • A strategy and planning template to highlight school data and survey results, set goals, make plans and implement.
  • results review call after running your survey to answer questions, share what other schools have done and aid you in setting goals and plans.
  • Access to a set of leadership competencies proven to prevent and reduce staff stress and the opportunity for your leaders to use four questionnaires to self-assess against them.
  • Articles and training.
  • Ongoing remote support – email, phone and video call.

100% money-back guarantee

To make this even easier to take action we also offer a full money back guarantee. After you run your survey, if you don't feel you have received the value promised, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


The investment you need to make

The annual investment you need to make is linked to the size of your school.

This is an annual payment to enable you to repeat the cycle and track progress in your dashboard. However, there is no obligation to continue. You can decide based on the value we deliver to you.

Up to 200

£247+ VAT

201 - 400

£347+ VAT


£447+ VAT

800 -1300

£547+ VAT

1301 - 2000

£597+ VAT



£647+ VAT

Ready to go ahead? 

You can register for your account by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions, would like to know more or would like to see the Welbee dashboard and a demo of how it works then please schedule a short call with us.

What our customers are saying:

Make a difference quickly

"I found the whole process very useful, user friendly and it was easy to review our results. We were able to quickly identify the right actions and it was so powerful - we can already see a difference."

Julie Gallacher  //  SBM, Hazelmere Infant School and Nursery

Welbee's recommended actions were a great help

“Over the last 2 years, we've run a recognised, evidence-built staff survey via Welbee, where the whole team is encouraged to share their honest feedback with the SLT anonymously.

The change between the first survey and the second here has been significant, to say the least! There were big changes, moving our benchmarked position significantly in each area. What was most pleasing was how these improvements were also recognised in the comments that staff made.”

Mark Eager  // Principal, Brixham College

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