Welcome to Welbee Voice

Further improve your staff’s wellbeing with the addition of Welbee Voice

  • Better understand the specific pressures staff face
  • Allow them to more easily and regularly share concerns and ideas
  • Consult and follow up on actions between surveys
  • Choose to invite all or groups of staff to your conversations
  • See further positive change in engagement and results

    Start using Welbee Voice (it’s free)

    Welbee voice is free to our survey customers (no end date) and has automatically been added to your dashboard.


    It is also free to all schools until at least 30th September and if you are an existing Voice user, the video below includes recent developments that allow you to invite groups of staff to your conversations.


    Staff who believe they are heard are more engaged and effective. This means leaders should regularly check in and not just check up.


    Not always easy when you are so busy, working remotely and leading in uncertain times. Many staff also find it difficult to raise concerns openly and in particular where it relates to their wellbeing or mental health.


    Let Welbee Voice support you to more quickly address this using secure, anonymous and open two way conversations that reach all staff.

    welbee dashboard
    welbee dashboard

    Voice was created with and for forward thinking school leaders, who put staff and their wellbeing at the centre of achieving the best student outcomes.

    Why use Welbee Voice and how it works


    The benefits for you and your school

    • A simple, easy to use, secure and largely automated way of openly talking with staff
    • A quick start video and full instructions will make sure you are up and running quickly
    • All staff responses are stored securely in one place, with an option for you to reply, address concerns, ask follow-up questions or thank them for ideas
    • No limit to the number of conversations you can run. Invite all staff or specific groups, allowing you to ask for relevant feedback about concerns, actions you take, as well as more general feedback.
    • Give your staff a greater voice as they share anonymous feedback, ideas and solutions at a time appropriate for them – this will create ongoing and open conversations
    • Staff are much more likely to share their concerns, particularly about their wellbeing and mental health, reducing the likely impact on the school and its students
    • Demonstrate you understand and respond to the pressures your staff face, including during school inspection
    • Improve staff retention, absences and engagement and reduce costs


    To see how Welbee would use your data review our privacy policy and T&Cs

    Start using Welbee Voice at your school

    You are invited to use Welbee Voice for free. If you are a survey customer there is no end date for this currently. All other schools have free access until at least 30th September 2020. It has been developed to support you now and for the long-term.

    Schools who are not customers can find out more and register at https://welbee.co.uk/voice

    Do share the link with schools that you think may be interested. Thank you.

    Please email support@welbee.co.uk if you have questions or need further information.

    If you have any questions email us at service@welbee.co.uk or call on 01277 554 001