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At Welbee, we help you improve staff wellbeing at your school:

  • Understand the pressures your staff face
  • Get the best engagement from them
  • See a positive change in your students’ results
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Welbee for your school

We deliver everything you need to improve the wellbeing of your staff, from our free learning centre to a comprehensive tool that you can use at your school:

welbee dashboard

Detailed reporting dashboard

Benchmarking against other schools, using heat-maps to identify priorities and recommending actions you can take

welbee dashboard

Anonymous surveys

A recognised, evidence-built survey collecting honest feedback from your staff and allowing you to anonymously respond to them


What is included in the Welbee tool

  • An evidence-built anonymous survey using the Health and Safety Executive’s Management Standards approach to tackling work related stress and staff wellbeing
  • A fully automated process following set up
  • Benchmarked scores against other schools and cross sector organisations.
  • A range of filters to enable you to drill down to better understand where to take action
  • Priority actions for each of the six Management Standards and the top three actions overall that are likely to most benefit your staff and school
  • Collection of staff comments to provide deeper insight. You can also respond anonymously to seek more information or to address concerns
  • A downloadable PowerPoint of your results to make sharing results with staff easy
  • Remote support to answer specific questions and provide advice
  • A full money back guarantee for the first time you use Welbee. You can try it risk free and we are very confident you won’t be disappointed


To see how Welbee would use your data review our privacy policy and T&Cs

Welbee benefits

Understanding and improving your workplace culture to provide a school environment where your staff and students will thrive and achieve.

Welbee time benefit


Welbee has been built with schools for schools and specifically for busy school leaders. Our dashboard highlights the priority actions to save you time.

Welbee healthy benefit

Healthier, happier staff

Focus on the actions that will have the greatest impact in your school or Multi-Academy Trust; improve staff engagement and school outcomes.

Welbee cost benefit

Reduce costs

A reduction in staff recruitment, absences and cover allows you to cut costs and prioritise spending on student outcomes.

notepad icon DoC

Evidence to meet your inspection and legal requirements

Manage the risks of workplace stress and show you have effective management standards in place. Demonstrate you are taking account of the pressures staff face and are taking action to reduce them, including their workload and protecting them from bullying and harassment. Easily share this with inspectors and other stakeholders. If you are inspected by Ofsted you will be able to clearly show you meet the Leadership and Management judgement included within the new framework.


The annual investment you need to make is linked to the size of your school and therefore the value and return you will receive. The prices below exclude VAT.

Up to 200 pupils


201 – 400 pupils


401 – 800 pupils


801 – 1300 pupils


1301 – 2000 pupils


2000+ pupils


*additional savings available for MATs and groups of schools working together – ask us for more details.

Our money-back guarantee

If for any reason you don’t get the value expected from using the survey and report then we wouldn’t want you to pay and will refund your money.

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