Leadership behaviours

Communicating remotely and effectively

The words ‘unprecedented times’ and the ‘new normal’ have well and truly entered our vocabulary. We are all finding our way and having to work differently and we know for some this can have a significant impact on their wellbeing and mental health. We are also hearing variations of the words communicating remotely.

We also …

Leading staff wellbeing video

This 26 minute video on leading staff wellbeing takes you through the key steps you should cover if you want to cut through the noise and know where to start and what to focus on for greatest impact.

The video covers:

What we mean by staff wellbeingThe major causes of poor staff wellbeingWhy you should improve …

Leading schools in times of crisis: 6 practical steps

You may or may not have had training on school leadership in a crisis. Being prepared certainly helps, though the scale of what is happening now is unprecedented in our lifetime.

Looking after vulnerable pupils and children of key workers, while managing full or partial closure, supporting staff remotely, learning to work effectively and all …

Staff exit interviews that improve retention and recruitment

One part of improving retention and staff wellbeing is to understand why people leave and to take appropriate action. Carrying out effective staff exit interviews is an important part of this.

While using a survey is a good way to collect anonymous feedback from those that are leaving, it doesn’t allow for probing or asking …

Put staff first video 5 – Setting goals and taking action

Once you have measured your current staff wellbeing the next step is setting goals and taking action.

This is the fifth and final video in a series of short videos that explains why you might want to put staff first. In this video we look at:

The importance of setting specific goals; andTaking action

You …

Staff wellbeing and people strategy make teachers feel fulfilled at their job.

School staff lifecycle. How to recruit and retain the best teachers and school staff?

Whenever your current employee or a prospective teacher interact with your school, they experience a ‘moment of truth’. In other words, your future school staff either think “I want to be a part of it”, or “I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole”. 

How these ‘moments of truth’ are handled will determine how well …

Leadership behaviours at your school. Providing the best employee experience

There is a competitive, moral and financial imperative for schools and MATs to build a culture where staff really matter. 

At the centre of this needs to be a fundamental shift in your leadership behaviours, namely twelve leadership competencies that will affect the experience of every staff member at your school. These competencies are sometimes …

Put staff first Video 4 – Measuring staff wellbeing

Measuring staff wellbeing should be your starting point if you want to improve it.

This is the fourth in a series of five short videos that explains why you might want to put staff first. In this video we look at:

Why you should measure staff wellbeing; andHow best to measure it

You can see the remaining …

Put staff first video 3 – The major causes of workplace stress

If you want to improve staff wellbeing it is important to understand what has the biggest impact on it and the major causes of workplace stress and poor wellbeing.

This is the third in a series of five short videos that explains more about this.

You can see the remaining videos at the links below.

Video 1 …

School Staff Wellbeing Policy - Free Draft

School Staff Wellbeing Policy – Free Draft

At Welbee, we support schools and Trusts to measure and improve staff wellbeing, collect honest feedback and take actions that make the biggest impact.

This draft policy has been produced to support schools who want to use the management standards approach to risk assessing workplace stress and improving staff wellbeing. It also fits with the …