Staff wellbeing survey

New Staff Wellbeing Charter

Mark Solomons, CEO of staff wellbeing specialists Welbee welcomes the DfE announcement to monitor staff happiness under a new Wellbeing Charter.

The Welbee team and I were delighted to read John Dickens’ article in Schools Week on the DfE’s commitment to staff wellbeing in schools.

It is right that school leaders are encouraged to put more …

Give staff a bigger voice

Acknowledging, listening and responding to staff on an ongoing basis are three of the most important ways to ensure you give them a bigger voice and as a result they are more likely to thrive at work

While it’s right that staff need to take responsibility for their own performance and wellbeing, including while working …

Leading staff wellbeing video

This 26 minute video on leading staff wellbeing takes you through the key steps you should cover if you want to cut through the noise and know where to start and what to focus on for greatest impact.

The video covers:

What we mean by staff wellbeingThe major causes of poor staff wellbeingWhy you should improve …

Measuring Staff Wellbeing

The starting point for measuring staff wellbeing is to look at existing school data. This will include;

Teacher retention levels, and details of why they leave. Staff absence rates.The number of grievances and disputes.Staff and student behaviour.Observation and feedback on staff performance and relationships (how they work together).              

This and …

Staff wellbeing survey – how to run your own

There are some good reasons why you might not want to run your own staff wellbeing survey. As the co-founder of a company that runs them for schools, I know you would expect me to say that.

However, I’d rather you did your own than not at all – it will at least shine a …

Put staff first video 5 – Setting goals and taking action

Once you have measured your current staff wellbeing the next step is setting goals and taking action.

This is the fifth and final video in a series of short videos that explains why you might want to put staff first. In this video we look at:

The importance of setting specific goals; andTaking action

Click …

Improve staff wellbeing by setting clear goals

You have measured your current staff wellbeing (reviewing your school data and running a survey). Your aim now should be to use these findings to improve staff wellbeing by setting clear goals and making staff wellbeing a part of everyday school life, rather than arranging one-off events, such as a wellbeing day.

While a wellbeing …

What is staff wellbeing?

There are many reasons why you will want to improve staff wellbeing and a strong evidence base of the impact of doing this. First though we need to understand what is staff wellbeing?

There is no quick or simple answer, as there are multiple descriptions and definitions. The office of national statistics reports on a …

Evidence for Improving Staff Wellbeing

There is strong evidence for improving staff wellbeing and there are three key groups you work, influence, report to with and support:

Pupils and studentsStaff Other key stakeholders, including parents, governors, inspectors and the DfE.  

The main focus is often on the first of these, ensuring academic outcomes are as good as they can be …

Staff wellbeing survey – should you run one now?

I know staff wellbeing remains a priority and keeping to routine and some normality is going to be important for many of your staff. Will running a staff wellbeing survey now help?

You will have seen our Remote Working and Wellbeing Guide. This provides tips for staff to manage home working, when not supporting children …