School Report

School Report

Welcome to the first in a new series to share a little more about the people in Welbee and those we work with. We have a few guest slots lined up and if you would like to join in and share a little about your school report then let us know.

We asked our Founder to get the ball rolling.

Mark Solomons, Welbee Founder and CEO


Mark Solomons

Where did you go to school

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

School finishing year and final exam choices (grades optional)

1981 – A’ levels in Maths, English Literature, Geography, General Studies

Favourite Teacher

Mr Dawson (Geography)

Favourite Subject


Least Favourite Subject

French (something I wish I had spent more time learning)!

Learning Style

I learn best by doing and experiencing something rather than following instructions!

Life lessons from school

I never really took the academic opportunity that school offered. Though well behaved, I simply did not work hard enough. Years later when I had the opportunity to take my masters, and worked my socks off, I realised how important it is to have a real interest in what you do.

I have since had the privilege to work with many Olympians, and other very senior leaders across many sectors. I noticed how so many can point to a teacher, situation or catalyst when they were at school or younger and that set them on their way. This is a big part of the reason why I started supporting schools back in 2007.

Ideal School Dinner menu (and worst):

I don’t have a memory of a good school dinner and really didn’t enjoy them. I think they are part of the reason why I am still a bit of a fussy eater. Over the last few years when visiting schools to train and consult, I am often invited to eat (pre-Covid of course) and am amazed by the quality of and choice of food many schools now provide. If only that had been the case when I was at school!

Most likely comment from teacher on Mark:

Could do better!

Favourite memory from school:

I find it really hard to remember many specific instances and can’t believe it will soon be 40 years since I left school! I do recall the many friendships I had and still think of it as a very happy time. If I have to choose one thing though, it would be a week-long geography field trip in the upper sixth form in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria. As well as enjoying working on the subject I loved, it provided the opportunity for a couple of illicit visits to the pub too!

Extra-Curricular Activities:

PE and games, particularly rugby union, which I played until retiring injured at the age of 32. I also loved to read, especially my favourite book, Lord of The Rings, which I read around the time I started secondary school. A benefit of having a mum who was a primary school teacher and two parents who had a real love of language and literature.

That’s the first school report done and we look forward to sharing more in the new year.

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