Put staff first video 5 – Setting goals and taking action

Put staff first video 5 – Setting goals and taking action

Once you have measured your current staff wellbeing the next step is setting goals and taking action.

This is the fifth and final video in a series of short videos that explains why you might want to put staff first. In this video we look at:

  • The importance of setting specific goals; and
  • Taking action

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Take Action

Would you like some support or just to talk through the best way to systematically improve staff wellbeing and measure progress?

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No obligation to work with us and while we will share ways we can help, we guarantee you will go away with at least two actions you can take yourself and that will make a real difference.

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It’s more than simply asking questions. Full analysis, benchmarks, filters, the ability to respond anonymously to comments staff make and recommended actions are just some of the benefits available at a surprisingly affordable investment.

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Obtain staff feedback and maintain open and anonymous conversations – one user can invite all staff in our Forever Free version or pay a low subscription for multiple users and to be able to invite smaller groups of staff to give feedback.

Click here to download 14 proven strategies for improving staff wellbeing

Written by three inspirational headteachers – one from the primary and two from the secondary sectors. 14 things they have done in their schools that have worked and made a real difference for staff and students.

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For other articles on improving staff wellbeing please visit our learning centre.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about measuring or improving staff wellbeing, please get in touch.

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