Anonymity and Other Staff Questions

Is Welbee really anonymous?

The simple answer is yes. We have designed both the Survey and Voice to give the best feedback, while ensuring that individuals will not be identified, unless they either choose to do so or if they identify themselves while leaving a comment. 

Welbee Survey

Although we do collect information on such things as job role (at a high level, for example Teaching or Support staff) and time at school, this information is only reported when sufficient staff within that group take the survey. 

As a result, when looking at any area, it will not be possible to know what any individual gave as scores. However, sharing scores where more staff have participated means school will be able to target any action to the right areas and reduce workload or wasted effort.

If insufficient staff from within any group take part then this score is simply not reported. 

When leaving written feedback to the two questions that allow you to make comments, you should not identify yourself or others. Your school leadership team will be able to reply to any comments you make, if they choose to, though they will not know who they are writing to. Your anonymity will always be protected and it is one of the main reasons why using a third party to carry out your school survey should give you confidence in this.

The ability to respond to comments is important. It allows leaders to find out more information if needed, giving you an even greater voice and also means those who need it are likely to get better support. Remember that if you do receive a reply, the message has been sent to you without any knowledge of who will be receiving it. All that is known is it is going to a staff member.

Welbee Voice

This is an anonymous two way conversation tool and allows you to give direct and anonymous feedback on specific questions or topics asked. Smaller groups of staff, as well as all staff, can be invited to take part and it is like a email conversation, without the leadership team knowing who is responding. 

When creating a conversation, there will always be at least 8 people included and it will not be possible to identify you. Like for survey you should ensure you do not identify yourself, unless it is your choice to do so.

If you would like to know more or have any further questions on anonymity, please email support@welbee.co.uk. Thank you.

Why are my school or MAT using Welbee?

Welbee helps school leaders to measure and systematically improve staff wellbeing using an evidence based approach.

In using Welbee they are indicating their desire and willingness to help create an environment where everyone is able to do their best work, They would like to identify those areas, that if tackled and supported, will have the biggest impact.

Improving your and other staff wellbeing is everyone's business and senior leaders are also staff, whose wellbeing also needs to be looked after. By using Welbee your school will have the information that will help you all to do this.

What does the Welbee survey seek to measure?

One evidence based approach that can be adopted in measuring and improving staff wellbeing is to use the Health and Safety Executive’s Management Standards.

This is the approach we recommend and that we use to underpin the staff wellbeing survey provided, together with the reporting of results.

These standards can be used to define the characteristics and culture of a school, where the risks from work related stress and poor staff wellbeing are being effectively managed and controlled.

These cover the six key areas of work design, that if not properly managed, are associated with poor health and wellbeing, lower productivity, increased sickness absence and lower staff retention. By measuring your and other staff's responses against these, you can determine how staff view their working environment and take action, where required, to improve it.

The six Management Standards are:

Demands – this includes anything that places a demand on a staff member, such as workload, work patterns, working hours, deadlines, their timetable, the time given for them to complete tasks, and the behaviour of students, colleagues and leaders.

Control – this is the level of autonomy a staff member feels they have, including; the say they have over what they do at work; how they do their work; the level of choice they have over what to do when taking a break; and the level of flexibility available to them.

Support – this includes the encouragement, sponsorship and resources they receive or have access to and are provided by the school, line management and colleagues.

Relationships – this includes the extent to which staff behaviour is appropriate, how well positive working is promoted to avoid conflict and how effectively and quickly unacceptable behaviour is dealt with.

Role – this includes how well people understand their role, what is expected of them, how it fits with the role of their department or function and the overall aim of the school and whether leaders ensure they do not have conflicting roles.

Change – how changes at school (large or small) are managed and communicated to all staff and stakeholders, including effective consultation and whether opportunities are given for staff to question leaders.

These Management Standards represent a set of conditions, that if present, are likely to reflect a high level of staff wellbeing and school performance.

The staff survey you are undertaking is a key part of these standards. It allows your school or MAT to better understand the current working environment and take the necessary steps to improve it where necessary.

What is Welbee Voice?

Welbee Voice is a two way anonymous conversation tool that has been designed to help you give feedback to your school in a safe way. It is just like receiving and responding to emails, with the main difference that any response you give is anonymous and you cannot be identified.

It can be used for following up on actions identified during your survey, for new things being implemented or for anything, where it would be useful to have staff feedback.

You will receive an invitation to participate by email and if you click a button this takes you to a webpage where you can submit your comment. You will also receive a repeat of the invitation seven days after the first one to ensure you have the chance to participate.

When responding, only you will see your webpage and when the school receive your comments, they will be part of an anonymous list and you cannot be identified unless you identify yourself.

What if I have other questions.

We have included questions above that we most typically receive. If you need further information about any of these or have different questions, please email us at support@welbee.co.uk. Thank you.

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