school staff wellbeing

Leadership behaviours at your school. Providing the best employee experience

There is a competitive, moral and financial imperative for schools and MATs to build a culture where staff really matter. 

At the centre of this needs to be a fundamental shift in your leadership behaviours, namely twelve leadership competencies that will affect the experience of every staff member at your school. These competencies are sometimes …

Staff wellbeing survey – should you run one now?

I know staff wellbeing remains a priority and keeping to routine and some normality is going to be important for many of your staff. Will running a staff wellbeing survey now help?

You will have seen our Remote Working and Wellbeing Guide. This provides tips for staff to manage home working, when not supporting children …

Avoid thinking traps and improve staff wellbeing

One way of improving staff wellbeing is to help staff help themselves. With many members of your team working from home, this is also an opportunity for them to learn new techniques, up-skill and avoid thinking traps.

Introducing them to thinking traps and how they might avoid leading themselves in unhelpful ways could provide useful …

School Staff Wellbeing Policy - Free Draft

School Staff Wellbeing Policy – Free Draft

At Welbee, we support schools and Trusts to measure and improve staff wellbeing, collect honest feedback and take actions that make the biggest impact.

This draft policy has been produced to support schools who want to use the management standards approach to risk assessing workplace stress and improving staff wellbeing. It also fits with the …