13 tips to transform your energy at school and home

13 tips to transform your energy at school and home

You might need to transform your energy if you feel:

  • Your workload is too heavy or you have too much to do
  • Challenged by the number of priorities you face
  • Low on energy

If so, then these tips are for you.

Matching your energy demand with supply

Your supply versus demand of energy. Transform your energy with the Welbee learning centre. This is a graph showing how the lines might look over a day.

It’s important you are able to match your energy to the demands of your job and take action to be productive and to also feel well too. Implement these tips and energise your day and life for greater enjoyment and better results.

Tip 1

Tip 2

Tip 3

Tip 4

Tip 5

Tip 6

Tip 7

Tip 8

Tip 9

Tip 10

Tip 11

Tip 12

Tip 13

Use all your resources to implement these tips to transform your energy

There are four quadrants you can use to transform your energy and if you want to know more about each of these then get in touch.

Use the four quadrants to transform your energy with the Welbee learning centre. Picture of the four quadrants - Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit generating your energy quantity, focus, quality and power.

What now?

Decide if
 you want more energy, a better balance and greater wellbeing in your life? That you can use to generate greater engagement, enjoyment, performance and results.

If you have answered yes, which of the tips have the greatest interest for you?

Of these give each a score of 1 – 10, where 1 is you have no interest and 10 is where you have great interest.

Now select the one with the highest score.

Final thoughts

How are you feeling about taking positive action?

If you could focus only on your priorities and had all the energy you needed every day, what would you do differently and what would you be able to achieve? Both in and out of work?

We would love to hear your success stories or to help if you have questions.

You can get in touch by clicking here.

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